The Voice of Gender Diversity

TransGender Radio seeks to foster greater understanding, awareness and support for those who identify as gender diverse in Australia and New Zealand. We encourage membership from crossdressers, transexuals, intersex, gender queers, or any other flavor of gender diversity. We also encourage partners of members to join.


Our Aspirations

A snapshot of gender diversity
A snap shot of gender divsity


Defining gender
Only one in five TgR members consider themselves to totally male or female. The majority associate with a state outside the conventional binary genders.
Coming out
Our members report that expressing their true gender identity generally results in iimproved friendships and social life
A quarter of TgR members have told their partner about their diversity but are no longer currently in a relationship
Sharing with family
25% of TgR members have not shared their gender identity with their immediate family
Telling the doctor
70% of TgR members have not told their doctor about their gender diversity
Self medication
13% of TgR members have self-administered prescription hormones not prescribed by a doctor
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