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Monash Gender Clinic - The facts

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bee- wrote on Jun 09, 2009 1:42 pm: Monash Gender Clinic - The facts
There have been various reports floating around about the status of this Clinic in Victoria.
I have republished the following post, with permission, from the Australian Transexual Support Network, a Yahoo Group.


Monash Gender Clinic - The facts by Belinda Tue Apr 21, 2009

I saw Dr Harte this afternoon and got the facts about the clinic.


January - Dr Kennedy decided that she wanted to step down as head of the clinic
and Dr Harte was meant to take over. (her stepping down had nothing to what
happened to the clinic later this year).
Feburary - Monash was sued and the supreme court ruled in just 10 days (light
speed for the courts) that the statute of limitations had expired. The plaintiff
decided he wanted to appeal (which will take a long while).

Since then Monash legal team has pulled the plug on the program. Dr Harte has
been given until July to formulate new processes/procedures for the program.
They (Monash legal) will decide whether or not to restart the program. Either
way the pool of money that Monash had to fund surgery for 4-5 of the most
disadvantaged/year will most likely NOT be made available again.

All the specialists (Dr Hunter, Dr Harte, Dr Kennedy) will still see patients

An update from THE AGE Newspaper can be found here:
Sex-change clinic 'got it wrong' Jill Stark May 31, 2009


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Jeorjette_Anderson wrote on Jun 21, 2009 7:26 pm: Hummmm
I have just read this posting. My SO is not in favour of my transformation a she goes to a couple psychiatric profesionals for understanding.

Last Tuesday nite she handed me a copy of the very same article. She is concerned they may get it all wrong for me as well.

It is not changing my mind but wrongly diagnosing can be very damaging to our cause

One psychiatrist that my SO and myself visited when I first told my SO about my transgendering actually aborted a sex changing operation a day before it was going to happen
Our psychiatrist told the surgeon that this person was not transgender but was suffering from schizophrenia.
It was a passing discussion and no other details were mentioned.

However mistakes are being made and hopefully Monash will sort out some dianostic upgrade


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Christina_2 (ex-member) wrote on Jun 22, 2009 7:11 am:
Dear Everybody,

This story is more than a decade old

When is the Melbourne, and gullible/biased media going to stop regurgitating this ancient story, which is repeatedly re-generated by an extremist group of lay people from within the Catholic Church.

This person, before the days of internet and chat support groups, learned all the cliches and was able to dupe a group of doctors of unquestionable integrity. They really learned Their lines.

The truth is, a gay man found his gay friends no longer wanted to associate with "a woman". This is the truth, and the reason for the regret. An obsessive. Yes, maybe the team at Monash should have picked up on other issues.

In the mid-80s a professional person from Sydney rushed off to Thailand, before there were any standards or safeguards in that country (I understand it has improved markedly since) and later suicided. The family and friends ostrecised and isolated this person. They had also been declined supports within Australia because they failed the Harry Benjamin Standards.

The safeguards within Australia are unquestionable. The doctora who established the Monash Gender Clinic are aging and looking to retire.

Sections of our society will continue to seek to scandalise gender dysphoria, and the media will exploit this simply as a form of 'sensationalism' - it sells newspapers to ghouls and the religious heretics how preach their doctrines of hate

We as a community need to stop giving recognition to this and other similar stories. This one is so old, even though based on fact, has become a part of Urban Myth.

In 1994, a Stdney tabloid puplished before and after photos, and named the private school a Sydney Barrister had attended. The particular government Dept and Courts were named. I understand this cost the newspaper a lot of money.

The media will continue to depict a negative/sensationalised/scandalised image of out gender variance.

More important are the mental health practitioners who support the bizarre rantings and abuses from the Toronto Gender Clinic, and the dogma of Ray Blanchard, J Michael Bailey et al. If you wish to understand unprofessional conduct read about Autogynaephilia

Love to you all
I'll get off my soapbox

Christina_2 (ex-member)

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Amy_pash (ex-member) wrote on Feb 16, 2011 6:48 pm: Monash back in business
as of July 10 Monash is back and under direction of Dr Harte, as a patient there i can say with some certainty that the system is better for the overhaul and improving each month.
Sadly Dr Kennedy passed away this year, and although not always in agreement with her peers was no doubt a founder of what we have now today

Amy_pash (ex-member)

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Liz wrote on Feb 17, 2011 3:13 pm: Amy and Monash
I cannot get into any arguments around the Monash Clinic. I attended about three yeras ago and had appointments both with Dr.Trudy Kennedy and Dr. Fintan Harte. I found both Drs. welcoming, genial and honest. I liked both of them from the word go. I had seen a variety of Psyciatrists who, in my humble opinion, and to me were without a doubt, bloody useless and obviously knew nothing about Gender Dysphoria and Transgenderism. However they knew how to charge incredible rates for their services. My GP agreed with me. I wish Dr Harte and the new Monash Clinic the very best. We need them.

What I wanted to say, and its just my inner and sad thoughts. I was extremely sorry to hear of Dr. Kennnedy's passing. Whatever else, she had our best interests at heart. I hope she is in a gentle and loving place.

Very sad,



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Christina_2 (ex-member) wrote on Mar 10, 2011 5:42 pm:
The Southern Health Gender Dysphoria Clinic is operating now

Referrals must be made in writing by a GP, Psychiatrist or other mental health professional and include a personal statement & 2 photographs of the client snd directed to

Clinical Director
Gender Dysphoria Clinic
Southern Community Mental Health Service
352 South Road
Moorabbin. 3179

ph 03 9556 5216

you are able to email the Clinic at

Christina_2 (ex-member)

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Amy_pash (ex-member) wrote on Feb 14, 2012 7:08 pm: southern health back on track
I can say as a patient with them for the last 3 bumpy yrs, that the group are doing well and supporting gender needs once again. Dr Fintan Harte is leading the group and from my experiences seems very capable compared to previous administration/support. cheers Amy.
Amy_pash (ex-member)

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Ella-Kristine wrote on Feb 15, 2012 11:01 am:
Hello , I attended Monash Clinic Early Last Year too see Dr Fintan Harte for my final assessement for sex reassignment ! I found everyone too be professional and Dr Fintan Harte made me welcome and had great understanding and empathy ! I dropped into Gender Dysphoic Centre at Morrabbin and had Morning Tea with the Staff who were very welcomeing and committed too helping all transgendered people ! I'mm booked too have Sex Reassignment Surgery at Monash on 26th March with Dr Ceber !
Cheers Ella-Kristine


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