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written by Adrian

Another 5 years pass in the life of 'Transgender'


This is post for those who might share my interest in words and the evolution of the English language.

It seems strange that just 5 years ago we were discussing the death (or otherwise) of the 'Transgender' umbrella.

Now barely a day goes by without someone in the media using the term transgender as an elegant alternative to cross dresser/transsexual/gender queer/ or any one of the myriad sub-categories we have created and associate with so territorially.

written by Caroline

Some musings about being Transgender

Regret I can't remember exactly where I found this nice piece of writing by someone. Perhaps on TgR ? I suspect it was a long time ago so worth re posting I thought for anyone who has not seen it before.

Grateful acknowledgement to the author who has expressed some sensitive thoughts on being Transgender.

" There are those of us who live our lives according to convention,
knowing there`s a part of us we cannot freely mention
To others we don`t wish to hurt, or who wouldn`t understand,
the yearning and the need that in our lives was never planned.

written by Carol

Transgender Transitioning vs Transexual Transition

I think the distinction amongst transitioning TGs has as much to do with opportunity and practicality as desire.
Speaking as one who suppressed my desires for a long while for family and work reasons, I now find that however hard I want to ditch my maleness there is a lot of history in the way. Learned social behaviour to be unlearned. Male bone structure which cannot be wound back. Hair issues and voice which take a lot of time and money to fix. If I can get all that sorted in a reasonable amount of time (I'm on hormones and having electrolysis), I'll be able to choose between life as an openly trans person or maybe even as a woman. Oh sorry I forgot to mention SRS.

written by Ali_C

What is the middle path?


As far as I can see the idea of this "journey" is to make us feel happy to be the person we are.

For myself, I spent years believing I was a cross dresser and never felt happy with myself. It all changed after I started to take hormones. I always had dreams right through from early childhood of being female, I now have no need for SRS as I feel complete. SRS was always something I thought about, but I was always too caught up trying to be someone who I wasn't (ie male) to ever check into it. I have never felt so comfortable with who I am.

I think the "journey" should end when people reach this point. In some cases this may be a case of cross dressing and in others it will include SRS.

The stereotypes of "female" and "male" really don't apply to people who are transgendered and we shouldn't try to conform with them.

Everyone has their own path and should not allow themselves to fall or be coaxed into anything else.

It is a "wonderful world" we live in as Adrian said. Where would we all be without the acceptance that we are now getting. We still have a long way to go in this regard but it is a big improvement.

written by Adrian

Don't confuse presentation with gender identity

It is interesting perhaps that as we traverse the gender spectrum the words we use to describe ourselves tend to reflect our presentation.

Crossdressing in my experience isn't about your inner gender, or who you are. It is about how you express yourself - your presentation.
I would suggest that crossdressing is nothing more than occasionally wearing clothes normally associated with the 'opposite' sex. Most of us, irrespective of our inner gender identity tend to crossdress at some time or other.

written by Adrian

Too exhausting being a woman

This post first appeared in a thread discussing a trans woman (Chelsea) who wanted to reverse her sex change claiming that it is too exhausting being a woman.


Changing your gender is a really big deal......
There are so many resources on the internet that talk about how difficult transitioning is.

I'm not sure I agree that transitioning (in the sense of expressing your true gender and not the gender you were assigned at birth) is difficult. Changing your gender expression has risks, but being honest is, I suspect, easier than living a lie. It was for me.

written by Kiera

Liberating the term transitioning

As a non binary Trans person with both social and body based gender dysphoria I have a strong need to transition - being seen as a "normal man" is just too painful. I present as a bearded Lady full time.

Transitioning starts when you have acknowledged who you are and start to do something about it.

In my eyes it finishes when you are comfortable in your own body and with how society sees you.

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