written by Carol

Transgender Transitioning vs Transexual Transition

I think the distinction amongst transitioning TGs has as much to do with opportunity and practicality as desire.
Speaking as one who suppressed my desires for a long while for family and work reasons, I now find that however hard I want to ditch my maleness there is a lot of history in the way. Learned social behaviour to be unlearned. Male bone structure which cannot be wound back. Hair issues and voice which take a lot of time and money to fix. If I can get all that sorted in a reasonable amount of time (I'm on hormones and having electrolysis), I'll be able to choose between life as an openly trans person or maybe even as a woman. Oh sorry I forgot to mention SRS.

I won't even think about that until everything else is sorted because at my age (66) I'm pretty much asexual and surgery is a big deal. Also surgeons have fiddled with my plumbing before and I avoided incontinence by a hair's breadth. Is a functional vagina, that I don't intend to invite anyone to admire or use, worth the risk of incontinence.
So I agree we are all individuals with different transition routes and potential end-points but SRS is not a relevant dividing point down the middle of our multi-faceted group.

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