written by Ali_C

What is the middle path?


As far as I can see the idea of this "journey" is to make us feel happy to be the person we are.

For myself, I spent years believing I was a cross dresser and never felt happy with myself. It all changed after I started to take hormones. I always had dreams right through from early childhood of being female, I now have no need for SRS as I feel complete. SRS was always something I thought about, but I was always too caught up trying to be someone who I wasn't (ie male) to ever check into it. I have never felt so comfortable with who I am.

I think the "journey" should end when people reach this point. In some cases this may be a case of cross dressing and in others it will include SRS.

The stereotypes of "female" and "male" really don't apply to people who are transgendered and we shouldn't try to conform with them.

Everyone has their own path and should not allow themselves to fall or be coaxed into anything else.

It is a "wonderful world" we live in as Adrian said. Where would we all be without the acceptance that we are now getting. We still have a long way to go in this regard but it is a big improvement.

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