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Some musings about being Transgender

Regret I can't remember exactly where I found this nice piece of writing by someone. Perhaps on TgR ? I suspect it was a long time ago so worth re posting I thought for anyone who has not seen it before.

Grateful acknowledgement to the author who has expressed some sensitive thoughts on being Transgender.

" There are those of us who live our lives according to convention,
knowing there`s a part of us we cannot freely mention
To others we don`t wish to hurt, or who wouldn`t understand,
the yearning and the need that in our lives was never planned.

It happens to so many, different backgrounds, different ages
And unfolds just like a story, and we slowly turn the pages
As we realize the truth that deep inside grows ever strong
and we struggle with our conscience, is this right or is this wrong?

Loving husbands, caring fathers, in a never ending fight
as we struggle with our demons, ever present, dark as night
Forced to live a lie, or risk the truth and tear our lives apart
Wishing we could choose a different path, pursue what`s in our heart

Not all understand the grief we feel, the sense of isolation
the complexity, the sense of loss, there`s no simple explanation,
And we ask ourselves, what have I done to end up with this life?
That delivers us such hopelessness and never ending strife.

For some of us there is the chance to share a common bond
with someone else who understands the challenges beyond
and we cherish like a jewel the times that we can spend together
and we lean on one another to endure the stormy weather
We wonder how can this be wrong, for us what feels so right?

And yet every day before us is the constant, endless fight
Who are we?, what will we become?, how will this anguish end?

So we tell ourselves for now at least, we`ll continue to pretend

Yes we know what lies ahead of us are difficult decisions
so many lives affected, so much conflict and divisions
For we are caught, just like a trap, we are not really free
And for some of us we realize that is how it has to be

So life goes on, we come and go with constant repetition
Being careful to avoid too many questions and suspicion

Like a thief we steal the chances that allow us to keep living
With the pain and the confusion and the never ending giving."

Would be lovely to know who actually wrote this, Anyone know ?

From the TgR forums: http://forum.tgr.net.au/cms/forum/F4/6399-some-musings-about-being-transgender#27819

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