written by Kiera

Liberating the term transitioning

As a non binary Trans person with both social and body based gender dysphoria I have a strong need to transition - being seen as a "normal man" is just too painful. I present as a bearded Lady full time.

Transitioning starts when you have acknowledged who you are and start to do something about it.

In my eyes it finishes when you are comfortable in your own body and with how society sees you.


When asked if I'll go all the way I answer no because I won't be removing my beard even though I know that the question they were asking was about grs/srs.

If I was asked about desire to have that then the answer is yes (90% of the time) or maybe.

But transitioning for some binary Trans women seems to finish with grs. And they see it almost as a holy grail of transitioning. For some people with little or no body dysphora cross dressing is enough so they have a small transition every time they get dressed.

Terms like full time apply to people regardless of how much is done to transition, regardless of what steps you take,

Transitioning is not an easy process, while coming out is letting other people know you are gender diverse.

Living as someone who isn't M of F for me to tell someone I'm gender diverse / Trans. It is clearly stating the obvious unless everyone is wearing similar non gender outfits at that point some people assume I'm FtM or ask if I'm MtF or FtM.

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