written by Christina

Petition calls for university to ban Germaine Greer from event


Germaine Greer is an opinionated old bat who has done a lot (IMO) for the advancement of the cause of women throughout her life and has opinions that I sometimes agree with and sometimes not. She is not convinced of the legitimacy of the transgender argument...so what? Are we so tender that we cannot allow a dissenting voice to our cause?

How can we expect to be able to follow our own direction if we insist that those who we disagree with not be allowed to voice their opinion even though we may disagree with it? She does not spout hatred or violence toward us and she wasn't even going to talk on the subject! In the interview she spoke of " good manners" and respect on a personal level. That is good.

I am not one of those who contends that " political correctness has gone mad" .I agree with political correctness to a point, I think people should be well mannered and respectful to each other and live and let live but the howling down and silencing of anyone to whom we disagree , is a dangerous direction. I am afraid that it is very typical of the Facebook and Twitter Society that we live in. Let her have her opinion and let's harden up a bit and take our place proudly in the World we all share.

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