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Transspirit.org - sharing trans Christian resources
Posted by Josephine on Oct 22, 2017

'Trans Spirit Flourishing' is a new initiative of mine to share some of the increasing resources and reflections by trans Christians (including myself). I hope it may be of assistance to other trans people and allies - whether in their own spiritual journeys or as means to help transform so much negativity - and to some who may be uncertain but open to moving forward. It is most certainly not intended for any proselytising - but, even if you have no time for Christians (and some days I truly wonder myself!) I hope you might find some of this helpful for others. The postal survey has shown how gender diversity is now a critical battleground and that religion (which can't simply be wished away) is being misused horribly. There is no need for this - things are slowly changing, even in surprising places. I hope therefore that what I point to in this is another small brick out of the wall and 'shower of glitter' from increasingly visible spiritual journeys.

On a personal note, as I haven't contributed much lately, this is also by way of a big thankyou to TgR members who have helped me on my own journey. In my life and work, as an 'out' priest , I now walk an 'interesting' and (in Australia) largely unmarked public pathway but it is full of wonderful fresh joys as well as challenges - so: grateful thanks for those who have helped me simply get out of the door and shadows!

The URL is www.transspirit.org

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