written by Kristyana

Transgender Day of Remembrance

I was asked this year to speak at the transgender gender day of remembrance. I must say that the thought of public speaking didn't appeal very much. But as I have had a lot to say this year I guess it was appropriate. I am not really a big fan of such solemn occasions and thoght I would have to reiterated the need for a strong community. I have a belief that community is the answer to many of the problems that face it if only we can learn to embrace it. I am posting this here as a point of discussion it is directed in part at my local community but I believe it speaks generally more broadly. So here's what I said.

This is a day of remembrance for those who have been lost in a battle for acceptance and equality. The exact numbers of people lost can never be truly known, but the lack of acceptance leaves the entire gender diverse community vulnerable , to abuse and discrimination how ever subtle it may be. The critical point here is the lack of acceptance we all experience. Every time we are true to ourselves we risk our very existence , for some don't want to allow us to be ourselves.
We must be there for each other and we must demand our human right to be ourselves. We must find the strength to set aside our differences and build a solid foundation for our community. Every day that passes without a strong and stable community leaves each of us vulnerable to the whim of others.
It's been said to me on many occasions, we are all different, we all have different needs. That maybe true but it is true of all communities and they still at function as groups. We gender diverse , individuals as we are , all have one thing in common and that is a lack of acceptance from the greater community. That is our common ground that is what we need to focus on !
With acceptance we could truly be ourselves without fear or the need to hide . To get the acceptance we need is going to take time , it is going to need a strong community to educate the rest that we are real , we are apart of this world and we have a right to be who we are , not who others expected us to be.
Today we are here together and in this connected world we have little excuse not to stay together. Let's make an effort , let's support each other and every one who is yet to join us. Let's build our community and save ourselves. Let us support those who will educate others , those who have the desire to make a difference.
Let's make remembrance of those now lost to us mean something for the future. Let's build what should have been there for them, a society of tolerance, real inclusion and true acceptance. Let us remember that which is past and ensure that the future is not the same.
There are groups here in Adelaide and we must put aside difference and join together to make our community strong. We must find the common threads and draw them together then speak as one with the rest of society. We must be heard, be powerful, make a difference.
Together we can change the future of our community. But we must stand together or we will continue to fall alone! ! Remember those we have lost and honor those memories by making a different future , one with out unnatural loss and with us accepted for who we are and how we want to be!

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