written by Alice

Why are there so few pointers about places to go?


Living in the Newcastle area, I can't find too many places or events that are not CD friendly.

The two largest shopping centres, Charlestown Square and Westfield Kotara are never a problem. Even if there was someone who wanted to be a problem, security would boot them out quite quickly.

Being currently into the 1950s pinup style, I've found that events such as the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival, and almost every car related event that involves cars from the '50s or older is fine. Virtually every shop I've ever been in has been fine, and some have even gone out of their way to offer special late afternoon/evening openings for me or for CDs in general.

I guess that the lack of pointers on specific places to go is because you'd have to list just about everywhere. It would probably be more meaningful to produce a list of places to avoid, but I'm not sure that we really want the negativity that such a list would imply.


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