written by Caroline

Well? How was it?


For those of us who have been lucky to attend all seven Transformals and we took a vote, I'd be surprised if Transformal 2016 didn't rate as the best of all.

It just shows, in my opinion, how successfully this event has evolved since No 1.

A Fantastic 20's theme gathering on Friday night was just the perfect Entree for the Main Course on Saturday night.

I hope everyone and especially those who attended Transformal for the first time will take away many happy memories of the weekend.

Lots of photos were taken by our professional photographer Ben Pearse and I am sure everyone will be happy when they see the results, especially those portrait shots taken at the start of the evening. So much Glamour on show.

In about two weeks , those who attended the saturday evening will be able to access a link and download as many images as they wish that were taken during the evening.

Another great effort by Adrian and all the lovely staff at The Carrington.

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