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Are You Happy Being Trans-gender?

I have asked myself the very same question, 'are you happy being trans-gender? The short answer for me is absolutely. Had you asked the same question several years ago, you may well have received a very different answer. In those days I was in the throes of a major depressive illness and everything everything else that accompanies such episodes, suicidal thoughts. I may well have said that I was full of self loathing at being trans-gender. I was all suits and ties, dull as dishwater. I much prefer floral summer dresses, nay, any dress instead of a male inspired suit. Horrors upon horrors there would be no Transformal to attend, except to stand at Champagne Charlie's bar and ogle the crumpet.

I consider myself more than fortunate in being transgender; oh! yes, it has had it's downside, nasty aspects and downright horrors. But all in all the sheer pleasure experienced being truly oneself. That's me, out and proud. It is at a certain age we begin to reflect on what is, what has been and what will be. This reflection is taking stock of one's own life. Is this reflection necessary or something that happens to us all and is a normal part of life?
Life is a learning curve, a constant series of lessons. We can and do learn from others, we learn what to accept and what to reject. Life is a long course, the university of life. There are no failures, there are no passes.

Life is a journey of varied emotions, happiness inter spaced with unhappiness. There may be depressive time, anxieties and elation especially if you attend a Transformal in Katooma. We are the sum of the total, ourselves, our parents and our grandparents, peripheral relatives, teachers, husbands, wives and friends.
We are changing daily, we are not the same person we were yesterday. We are moving forward to what we become and what we are.
I have been fortunate to have met a good many people that are transgender, and I consider to be born transgender is a privilege.

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