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Coming out in the city and regional areas

Posted by Hollee

I read in many posts that some cannot come out due to family, work, friends or other reasons.
Everybody is different but I will give you my story in the hope that it may inspire others to be themselves.

I work in a very male dominated industry civil construction. I am also the business owner or what is often considered "the boss". My work is also in a regional area in a town that many consider to be super conservative mainly due to the large retiree population. At the moment I am lucky enough to work "down south" and then travel to the city to live and traverse through the many hours of electrology, voice therapy, endocrinology, and psychology did I miss one? Anyway glad when thats over!

I have been out in my metropolitan sphere for some time now living two seperate lives, quite distinct. One being my female self and the other as someone I was not, but for fear of the consequences of coming out stayed hidden. Well it gets to that point where enough is enough and as many of us find we conquer the inner battle in our mind. So my inner self won! I have now been out at work for some time. All I can say is the whole experience has been nothing short of totally uplifting. Not to mention the weight off!

To give you an idea of the sort of people in the industry I work. There are professional people with degrees, machinery operators, builders
labourers, some who compose complex prose purely with F & C words! Basically a wide cross section of people. I was very strategic in the way I came out out. With the whole experience with employees, clients and other work colleagues to this date I have not had one single situation I would call awkward! Many people are actually super supportive! The level of morale at work has now gone to an all time high, even in an economic climate where work hours are reduced due to dwindling work.

All I can say is total honesty, total candidness and truth win the day! For those living in a regional area my experience is positive I hope yours is too.

Good luck with your journey

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