written by Clare46

I am so happy to be transgender!

I have to tell you that I am so happy to be transgender I could burst!

I have been living for 18 months full-time as a woman, working and socialising and shopping etc all the time with one exception,,,when I have my children for the weekend I dress as a man to save them the embarrassment they feel when they worry that I will be clocked.
It is the most wonderful feeling to be out there as a very tall and broad-shouldered woman, but interpreting the looks as admiration and envy.
I recently sat on a stool in Myers being made up by a lovely lady at the cosmetics counter, noticing the envious glances of the poor drab husbands being dragged through the aisles by their wives. How many of them would have given their left testicle to be in my shoes.
I just adore being transgendered! It is the most wonderful feeling to be the person you are really deep inside.
Embrace your gender!
Glorify in your special place in humanity! Accept that you are special, show the sad mass of humanity that you have the self-respect that allows you to show your real self!

We are the pioneers of the revoution and the end of the stupid belief of the male/female dichotomy...be out and proud.

A very wise person once said "The most valuable thing you can give to your children is to get yourself sorted out"

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