written by June

What has God got to do with crosdressing?

I find it hard to understand what God has to do with cross dressing. If there is a God, and there are many "Gods" apart from the Judaeo/Christian/Muslim one, he or they have created us to be what we are. Be it Homosexual, Heterosexual, Transgender, Cross dresser, Infantilist or any other including honest or dishonest, He has created us to be what we are.

On that assumption, if there is a God or Gods, then He or they are happy for me to wear a frock.

The religious who rail against the variations from their heterosexual norms are merely expressing their interpretation of the relevant Bible, Talmud, Qu'ran, Taoist book or whatever, or their personal view on what they think the Creator(s) wanted. Why they should be so arrogant as to feel their view should be imposed on others is a weakness in their character and they are best ignored.

So in my view we should accept what we are and accept that it has as much to do with religion as which football team we support.

Enjoy wearing whatever you like and do not worry what other non-entities say.

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