Trans Health

written by Liz

Another young life is taken away

In response to the news that a 16 year old transgender had committed suicide

I've been thinking very deeply over all the posts that have been presented, and all have valid points. What comes to mind as commonalities is anger and a sense of being vulnerable and helpless in the case of such suicides.
Suicide, unfortunately is a very complex issue and the reasons for attempting suicide and self harm are multiple. It's not just a case of being trans. Rejection and abandonment are common and may come from parents, spouses, partners and even friends.

written by Lisa_W

Common changes resulting from HRT

The aim of this post is to give an idea of the most common changes that occur due to HRT. This is important for those who want to decrease the mental disquiet that is associated with GID but do not want to go onto full transition &/or SRS.

written by Lisa_W

Visiting the doctor

I have just become aware of the discussion which initially was “what name should I use when I first present to a doctor”. It has morphed into people’s experiences with the medical profession.

Being trans & being a GP (the only trans GP in Australia I believe) I think that I have some insights that you may be helpful.

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