written by Liz

Another young life is taken away


In response to the news that a 16 year old transgender had committed suicide


I've been thinking very deeply over all the posts that have been presented, and all have valid points. What comes to mind as commonalities is anger and a sense of being vulnerable and helpless in the case of such suicides.
Suicide, unfortunately is a very complex issue and the reasons for attempting suicide and self harm are multiple. It's not just a case of being trans. Rejection and abandonment are common and may come from parents, spouses, partners and even friends.

Self harm is usually a cry for help, consciously or unconsciously, a plea to those who are hurting for support. Suicide is the ultimate method of ending the pain when no other options appear available. Suicide is a choice, a personal choice, not something imposed by others, otherwise it would be viewed as murder.

People seem to accept gay folk readily over trans folk primarily because trans folk are confronting especially a male who presents as a female in a dress and all the usual accouterments. And that is why folk, including, my precious wife find us bloody confronting. One can be gay and appear perfectly normal as the rest of 'normal people'

It's a tough and very difficult subject, that is why we have organisations such as Lifeline etc. Preventing someone from suicide is possible and extremely draining, I know. Yes, I to become bloody angry at religious nuts imposing their beliefs on others, yet they to are entitled to their beliefs and usually backed by law.

I sincerely hope such tragedies wouldn't happen in Australia, but unfortunately I fear they do. We can only do our utmost in supporting each other in our corner of the world, being aware and there for others is the way to go.

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