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Common changes resulting from HRT

The aim of this post is to give an idea of the most common changes that occur due to HRT. This is important for those who want to decrease the mental disquiet that is associated with GID but do not want to go onto full transition &/or SRS.

The below list is not exhaustive but the most common changes. I am not going to mention the risks of HRT - DVT, increased cardiovascular events, migraines etc. I think that they are well known or SHOULD be if you are considering taking HRT. This is more a list of what you can expect to happen to your body. The rate & extent of these changes will depend on the dose & how long you take the HRT for. That can also be said about the reversibility of these changes. Some changes are irreversible or may not be totally reversible.

Firstly, the normal range of T level in the male body is supraphysiological for a woman. Conversely the normal male E level is very low for a pre-menopausal woman. Therefore to "feel" like a woman the T level has to be lowered & the E level raised. This is the basic cause of what happens to your body.

Changes due to lowered T level. These are not in any order or significance - it is just as I have thought of them.

Decreased libido
Decreased ability to get an erection & maintain it.
or absent early morning erections
or no ejaculate volume
Decreased ability to be orgasmic
Decreased fertility - think about sperm storage if that is important for you.
Decreased energy & increased lethargy
Decreased muscle mass & strength especially in the upper body
Decreased sebum & thus altered body smell & decreased acne & oiliness of hair
Decreased body hair
Decreased aggression & combativeness

Changes due to raised Oestrogen

Increased E will lower the T level independently of any anti androgen that you are taking

breast growth - can be very hard to hide under a business shirt

thinning & softening of skin

altered fat deposition & increased fat/muscle ratio
has NO effect on beard & genital hair nor on the voice

mental changes - decreased spatial orientation & map reading
- increased emotional lability & sensitivity
- increased networking & chattiness
- these changes usually commence after 18-24 months of treatment & represent hard wiring changes in the brain & are irreversible.

That is a list of the most common changes that come quickly to my mind, I am sure that everyone can think of more.
One final point - I would not recommend anyone take HRT without medical supervision

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