written by Andi

I've got something to tell you..

Today I told my flatmate everything..

We were at the local having a beer or 5, and a few games of pool. He seemed to be well lubricated after a couple of hours so I said "hey I've got something to tell you.."

I made sure to tell him while he was taking a shot so he'd miss it

To my surprise he was not only accepting but really positive about it. He thinks it's cool and makes me an interesting person! I thought he would probably be OK with it but as it turns out he was more than OK and said his girlfriend might be able to give me tips with makeup etc.

We had a good laugh in the end because he said he knew that something was up. A combination of all the beauty products in the bathroom and the fact that there isn't a hair below my neck that hasn't been plucked, epilated or shaved off 

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