written by Kristyana

Compromise - you can't stop it!

I was reading the coming out section of the forums and a word struck me as more important than anything we ever discuss. COMPROMISE.

It seems sometimes we fail to appreciated that life is completely bound by the way we must compromise. We do not have any option if we fail to compromise , we inevitably hurt ourselves and our nearest and dearest. When I read the discussions we have, what strikes me is how often we expected others to compromise with out us giving an inch. It's likely a normal human position to take but if you want compromise from others it seems logical to be giving in your own position. If not then you are only willing to compromise the position of the other which in those terms becomes a selfish act.

When you get down to it as gender diverse individuals we often compromise our differences away but when we decide to stop compromising we often stop completely. Then we expected those who are around us to give us support for our differences when in truth they are often still trying to get a grasp of the reality of what's been revealed. It's a big ask and one that needs continued compromise to have any chance of a successful end.

It maybe wrong to compromise ourselves as we do but we are making a decision to do it and when we do we ache inside to be our true selves. Maybe we inadvertently attribute our long term pain to those who are around us and maybe we fail to compromise because we subconsciously seek retribution. I don't know the answers but there seems some commonality in experience.

Only thing I know you can't stop compromise completely it is a fact of life, guess you just have to be as true to yourself as compromise will allow.

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